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-ISH by Matteo Fogale and Laetitia De Allegri #LDF14



I’ve started the annual London Design Festival brawl with -ISH by Matteo Fogale and Laetitia De Allegri at Herrick Gallery, part of the Shoreditch Design Triangle

‘Slate-ish’ is a material that resembles stone, but is made in the US from recycled and reclaimed sources of paper-laminate. Not only is it lightweight,
it is also strong, durable, and easy to install. ‘Denimite’ is made from post-consumer and post-industrial denim scrap, recycled denim fiber material. (…)‘Marblus’ is made from white cotton/polyester post-industrial scrap.
This scrap material is plentiful, and gives a great source for a white-based composite. This fabric is used for sheets, clothing, and various other fabric products. The trimmings are shredded and the combination of fabrics give a wonderful blue/gray tone mixed with white, looking much like Carrara Marble.

(Herrick Gallery)