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The R word

I first came to photography in the strangest way, working as a professional retoucher for a famous photographer. It’s only after I had spent a few years working in post-production that I became a photographer in my own right, while studying Graphic Design, why keep it simple?

I guess this made approach pictures as images or graphic objects, sometimes made up, rather than photographs.


Although I really do a lot less pure retouching nowadays and keep post production minimal when possible, I feel that I know my way around my toolbox.

So when Sleekness approached me to know if I was keen on trying their retouching workflows I didn’t think much of it. But then knowing that I had quite a big portrait job coming I thought, hey, why not. It’s always a bit tricky to try something new when time is limited and that you know where your usual tools are and how to use them, so I was surprise to find everything I was looking for quite instinctively. I really enjoyed testing it out, especially the brushes.

I’m personally a bit less keen on the presets because they are not quite my style and I like to keep the control on the light and colour balance, but actually I ended up using quite a few as a base and removing some filters, and honestly they are quite cool.

So overall a great experience and I will definitely keep using these brushes, and maybe even a few workflows (this is my honest opinion, not getting any reward besides the workflows I tested out by the way!)