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Hello (and goodbye) Winter

Winter interiors

The longest nights of the year are almost here and I’m enjoying Winter even more this time around as I’m getting ready to fly home to Réunion Island where it’s Austral Summer. I relish each frozen breath, blow of crisp air, long shadow in the middle of the day, and day of sun hanging above the mist. Shooting days are shorter as it gets dark so early, but there is something magical about winter interior photography in England, when light bounces through windows to draw long white rectangles on walls.

This time of the year is also when we take a look back at those 50 or so past weeks. While I was expecting them to be incredibly quiet (I was in maternity leave after all), they’ve actually been incredibly busy, with a book published and launched at the Whitechapel Gallery, a new teaching job in the nicest university I’ve ever worked in, keeping up with old clients and starting relationships with new ones. And already 2017 is looking rather promising. See you in a few weeks if I don’t get my acts together for a summery Christmas post from Réunion.